Paralect Accelerator has become a separate company: The Midas Accelerator 🎉
Next batch: Spring, 2023

We  help too  early startups

build products

gain traction

raise capital

in  3  months

Trusted by people from

Build your idea better.

Launch, raise, and win.

The Midas Accelerator is a part of Paralect.

We’re a team of 200+ smart creatives who hustle and have fun along with exceptional founders and make them rich.

We don’t mentor dozens of startups — every quarter we select 4 startups and adapt the program to their needs.

 raised by founders
startups launched
the biggest portfolio exit
startups afloat

A clear deal.

Our founder-friendly terms.


Every startup gets services worth $100,000. It’s not money in the bank, but we’ll help you raise that too.


We take 5% of equity via SAFE ($2M Post-Money Valuation Cap and No Discount) with a Pro-Rata side letter.

Know your termsheet

The Midas benefits.

Crafted just for you.

Deeply hands-on

The accelerator program is customized for each founder and their needs. We select only 4 startups per batch to maximize their potential.

1-on-1 mentorship hours

Gain insights from experienced mentors through weekly classes and AMA sessions. It’s like an MBA on steroids — but better.

Minimum requirements

We accept startups that investors deem "too early". We warmly welcome solo-founders, indie hackers, and pre-seed startups with no traction.

$100K+ in software perks

Discounts and free accounts for helpful tools like Clerky, Pulley, Notion, Github, and Intercom. And much more.

Personal tech team

You get a full-time team of 8 people to develop a product, design a go-to-market strategy, and support future fundraising.

Ongoing support

Our relationship doesn’t end on launch day. We keep in touch with our founders and help them navigate the startup roadmap.

No need to wait for long.

Get it done in 13 weeks.

13 week timeline
Building in public
AMA sessions
What are your requirements?
Exceptionally dedicated team
The first evidence of the problem
Commitment facts from founders
Is there anything else?
Rapidly growing market
Go-to-market strategy
3-month roadmap and long-term vision

Founder stories.

Our impact.

Read story

Midas not only made us a beautiful and functional MVP, but they also went above and beyond in every way possible to ensure our success!

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Midas helped us go from 0 to 1. We’ve been able to gain 300+ users and 50+ partners during the three months of 2021, despite the full lockdown.

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Being chosen for the Accelerator program gave me credibility in front of my future investors and got me a product that impresses at first sight.

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The Midas pushed Menaflow to focus on the single thing that mattered: building something people love and finding product-market fit.

Midas built their growth.

Be the next lucky founder.

Who’s Midas?

Here to dream big with you.

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Have more questions?

The answers are here.

How many startups do you select?
We run 4 batches per year with 3-4 startups in each cohort.
Do you find startups from any specific domains?
We accept startups from various industries; however, if you're building a company in SaaS, FinTech, MarTech, HealthTech, Creative Economy, or Web 3.0, your chances of success are greater.
What do you take in exchange for your contribution?
We invest services worth $100,000 with a $2,000,000 Post-Money Valuation Cap via SAFE that equals 5% equity before the dilution.
Does your program have an educational part?
Yes, we are planning to include lectures in our Batch #3. We will cover topics such as leadership, hiring, product management, and fundraising.
Do you provide mentorship hours?
Yes, we organize AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions with our in-house experts. Additionally, we are willing to look outside our building to find mentors that meet your specific needs.
Do you conduct a demo day in the end?
No, however, we are planning to organize the first demo day in the near future.
Do we need to relocate to participate?
No. We are running all batches remotely. The team that builds your product will have the space and equipment they need here in our office.
Should my company be incorporated?
No, however, it will be a huge benefit.
We suggest all our founders establish a Delaware C-Corp beforehand. This allows us to enter into a SAFE as transparently and quickly as possible, so we can start work as soon as possible. Moreover, this is the gold standard for high-growth startups. It provides limited liability, ease of use, ease of setup, the ability to issue stock options, and tax benefits upon sale for many qualified small businesses.
What are our main requirements during the program?
We expect bi-weekly reports with the following information:
- What did you do during the last week?
- What are you planning to do during the upcoming week?
- Are there any blockers or help needed?
- Are there any changes in the long-term vision and strategy?
We also expect an extended report (a quick overview of the team, traction, vision, fundraising, etc.) once a month at the end of the program.
Do you support founders after the program?
Our support doesn't end after the 3-month program. We keep in touch with our founders via Slack and arrange catch-up calls if necessary.
What network does the Midas Accelerator offer?
We provide access to a database of experts with strong backgrounds in entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, and fundraising, as well as access to Paralect partners and various VC players.
It’s time to grow!
Let’s build your startup and have fun together